When Pigs Fly by Chaplain Paul Haulk

United States District Court For The Middle District of Florida: Tampa Division-January  4, 1989- United States of America vs. Paul Haulk

– In Custody of U.S. Marshal since date of ar­rest of 5/3/88. Detainers: Hillsborough Coun­ty Sheriff’s Department, case No. 88-6709, Possession of Marijuana and Heroin. The Hon­orable William J. Castagna, United States Dis­trict Judge.

“Mr. Haulk you are charged by an 18 count In­dictment. ……………………..

………..You Mr. Haulk are a menace to society! The prosecution wants me to throw the book at you and your priors demand it. I hereby sentence you to sixty two years in the federal penal system.” (The sound of the gav­el striking the bench)……………………

When Pigs Fly CoverWhen Pigs Fly Cover Back

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Passing Down The Faith by Shirley Temple Mitten

Without faith it is impossible to please God. Our task is to pass that faith on. This is a how-to book using the events of the author’s life to prove God’s faithfulness in response to our exercise of faith.


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Braille’s Tale By Shirley Temple Mitten

What’s it like to be a kitten born into complete darkness? Imagine experiencing new sounds, new smells, and new exterior as well as inner feelings without the benefit of eyesight! In a sense, every kitten is born with these challenges, since their eyes remain sealed for a period after birth. But what if the eyes never open? What if the light of day never enters into that kitten’s life?
This is Braille’s Tale: based on a true story of one such kitten, expressed as if in her own words. Conquering fears and confusion, Braille’s heroic efforts will have you laughing and crying, as she learns to trust and accept the love and care of a human master.


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“Christ’s Final Week” CD & Booklet

This is a step-by-step, page-by–page, Power-Point narration of the booklet, “Christ’s Final Week.” When assembled together the time-indicating scriptures all point to one particular day of the week for the crucifixion and a particular day of the week for the resurrection of Christ. A visual aid is included at the end of this booklet showing that every time-indicating scripture, points to the same date for the crucifixion. The scriptures unravel the myths, expose traditions, and correct inaccurate assumptions associated with this most important week in human history. This media is compatible only with a computer, however we will have a DVD in the near future.

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From The Cradle To The Altar – 6DVD Video Set

This is a 6 DVD set of videos sermons by Pastor Richard Rossiter recorded live at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Spring Hill Fl. Pastor Rossiter outlines a Biblical view on parenting. This is a 13 part video series and is a must for anyone with children who wants to raise their children according to biblical principles. Each disk contains 2 or more sermons lasting about 45 minutes each.

Cradle to the Alter Ps 127 DVD Set